Here are the most popular Scalp Micropigmentation styles for 2023?

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So What makes the Faux Scar so popular?

The Faux Scar style offers a distinctive and daring aesthetic appeal, particularly to those who embrace a bold and edgy look. It provides an opportunity for individuals to express their individuality and personal style through a faux scar, adding an element of uniqueness to their appearance. The popularity of unconventional styles in the UK fashion scene has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of Faux Scar SMP.

An Extra Layer of Camouflage for Your Scalp Micropigmentation Result

For individuals with thinning hair or bald patches, the Faux Scar style acts as a clever camouflage technique. By strategically placing the faux scar amidst the pigmentation, it creates an optical illusion that draws attention away from thinning areas, making the hair appear denser and fuller. This innovative approach to hair restoration resonates with individuals seeking a discreet yet effective solution.

Embracing a Masculine Look

In the UK, there has been an increasing trend of men embracing their masculinity and celebrating their individuality. The Faux Scar style aligns perfectly with this movement, allowing men to showcase a rugged and masculine appearance. By replicating the look of a scar, it conveys a sense of toughness and resilience, appealing to those who want to exude confidence and strength.

A Nod to Tattoo Culture

The UK has a vibrant tattoo culture, and many individuals appreciate body art as a means of self-expression. The Faux Scar SMP style draws inspiration from this culture, providing a tattoo-like experience on the scalp. It allows individuals to incorporate a tattoo-inspired element into their overall look without committing to permanent ink. The versatility and temporary nature of SMP make it an appealing choice for those who desire a touch of tattoo-inspired artistry.

A Statement of Individuality

The Faux Scar scalp micropigmentation technique serves as a powerful statement of individuality and personal storytelling. Each faux scar can be customized to reflect either the SMP artist’s or client’s preferences, allowing them to tell a unique narrative through their appearance. It could symbolize a memorable event, a personal journey, or simply be an artistic expression. This level of customisation fosters a sense of empowerment and emotional connection with one’s appearance.

What makes The Faded Hairline so Popular?

Enhanced Natural Appearance

The Faded Hairline SMP style aims to recreate the appearance of a natural hairline by utilizing lighter shades of pigments. This technique offers a seamless transition from the scalp to the hairline, creating a softer and more subtle gradient effect. As a result, the Faded Hairline style provides individuals with a restored hairline that closely resembles their original hair, enhancing their overall natural appearance.

Subtle and Gradual Transformation

Unlike other SMP styles with more defined and pronounced hairlines, the Faded Hairline style offers a gradual transformation that mimics the regrowth of real hair. By building up density and shade behind the hairline, SMP artists create a softer transition, avoiding harsh lines or abrupt contrasts. This subtlety allows individuals to achieve a discreet yet impactful change in their overall look, without drawing attention to the SMP treatment itself.

Versatility for Various Hair Types

The Faded Hairline SMP style is particularly well-suited for individuals with lighter hair shades or those who desire a more understated hairline appearance. The lighter pigments used in this technique seamlessly blend with lighter hair colors, making the SMP treatment virtually undetectable. Additionally, the Faded Hairline style can be customized to suit different hair types and textures, ensuring a personalized and natural outcome for every client.

Evoking a Timeless Appeal

Marcs Faded Hairline SMP style has earned its legendary status in the UK by creating a timeless and classic look. Unlike more trend-driven SMP styles, the Faded Hairline technique transcends passing fads, making it a reliable choice for individuals seeking a long-lasting solution to their hair loss concerns. This enduring appeal resonates with individuals who value a timelessly elegant appearance.

Video Transcript:
The most requested styles of 2023. Now, here’s the thing. It’s going to be the same as 2022. It is the faded hairline in at number one. In at number two is a faux scar hairline. People want to drop scars in there along with the faded hairline. This is the most natural way to get your SMP done. If we’re talking styles, this style will last forever. That’s the whole point of it.

Next year, 2024, I’ll be remaking this video, and I’ll be telling you the same thing. In at number one, it’s the faded hairline. If you want a completely natural hairstyle that people are not going to detect, you need that soft edge just fading away at the front.
You can choose your shape, whether you want it receded, whether you want it a bit round, whether you want it a bit sharper, but you need to fade that edge. Any natural hairline has a faded edge on it. All right? That’s what’s going to look cool. Then number two, chucking some scars. Little here, there, and everywhere light is going to make it look cool. All right? That is for 2023. The two top styles. Make sure you get yours and give us a shout.


So what are the top SMP hairlines for 2022.

Getting a realistic-looking head of hair can be achieved without gtting a hair transplant thanks to scalp micropigmentation (SMP). But the realistic appearance can depend on the style of the scalp micropigmentation and the quality of work performed by the SMP artist.

1. The Top Scalp Microppigmentation hairstyle for 2022: THE FADED HAIRLINE

scalp micropigmentation before and after faded hairline

In the number 1 spot, it's got to be the faded hairline with that real soft edge that just fades out, you don't know where the SMP starts and stops. In with that is the receded hairline. It's the same, it's faded in the front but it just recedes back slightly, so I'm putting them together. The Faded Hairline was created to give clients a softer look at the front edge of their SMP hairline.

2. Our Second Favourite Scalp Microppigmentation hairstyle of 2022: FAUX SCAR HAIRLINE

In position number 2 is the faux scar,  we like to drop a little faux scar in there. It isn't a real scar. It gives you a little story to talk about after you have had your  SMP treatment, "How did you get that scar, mate?” The Faux Scar is a great way to add authenticity to your SMP procedure. These ‘scars’ can be added through the front edge or set back behind, the possibilities are endless.

3. Our Third Favourite Scalp Microppigmentation hairstyle of 2022: THE DEFINED HAIRLINE

In the third and final spot we have the defined hairline. The Shape up, the edge up, whatever you want to call it, probably from back in my barber days.  I'm quite attracted to this style as well. There you go, Top Three SMP hairstyles just for you. The Defined Hairline was created to replace what was traditionally known as an ‘Edge-Up’. We created a look that achieves the Edge-Up style but looks and ages better because of the techniques we use with shading and needle sizes to avoid over saturation on the front edge.